Biosafety Training

We provide training in accordance with relevant legislation and standards to ensure the protection of laboratory workers and the general environment. This requires the adoption of different biosafety procedures according to the containment level of the laboratory and the type of work being conducted. We also cover the assessment of biological risks and their control.

Benefits of our training include:

  • Qualified, experienced and renowned presenters
  • Course developed by presenters, enabling immediate answers to questions
  • Courses can be tailored specifically to your organisation’s needs
  • Assessment of competency of participants and award of Certificates when competency standards are met
  • Use of relevant current incidents to demonstrate PC principles
  • Continually updated materials to reflect real world circumstances


Quality of training and management systems are the key components of personnel and institutional triumph. Biosafety education becomes a core element of institutional culture that will impact human behaviour, productivity and compliances. At Febris Biorisk Consult we offer various onsite, in-class or interactive on-line training that can be customized to meet your unique organizational needs, supporting and implementing your standards and procedures in compliance with biosafety legislation and requirements.

Training Programs:Biosafety regulations

  • Biosafety regulations
  • Biosafety practices
  • Risk assessment
  • Bloodborne pathogens
  • Laboratory safety training
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods